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Menda Films is a documentary film studio whose creation was inspired by the need to tell Africa's stories. Stories about its people, history, potentials, glories, and missed opportunities, all through short film documentaries. 

While many books have been written about Africa and its people throughout the ages, the majority of these gems are either out-of-print, in far-away libraries, expensive for the average reader, or not available as e-books.

It has been said (author unknown) that if you want to hide something from an African, put it in writing. We are hoping that through short documentaries, viewers will be inspired to learn more about the legendary figures, amazing places, and awesome experiences that have shaped Africa to be what it is today.

Our mission, therefore, is to create simple but poignant visual stories about Africa that will inspire viewers to read about the stories behind the screen.

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About Menda Films

Breathing new life into forgotten or untold stories of people, history, and places of Africa. Our name derives from Bamenda, a city whose name means people (Ba) of Menda :)


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