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We welcome volunteers - writers, historians, journalists, students, enthusiasts - anyone! - who has the passion for the kind of work we are doing. Producing one minute-worth of film that is meaningful, educational and historically accurate takes lots of hard work. Work researching books, archives, other videos, documents and more. We recognize that we have a lot to do - and that more people have stories that are worth telling. But our team is small, and we know we can not do it all. That is why we adopted a community project approach to our story-telling projects - to enlist the help of people who are smarter and more knowledgeable - to help us succeed.

To this end, we welcome anyone who has good reading, writing and editing skills to join us to convert more written accounts of history into visual documentaries that will inspire others to learn and share and in turn read...  

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About Menda Films

Breathing new life into forgotten or untold stories of people, history, and places of Africa. Our name derives from Bamenda, a city whose name means people (Ba) of Menda :)


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