Freely Expressed Wishes of Southern Cameroons / Ambazonia

Since 2017, the English-speaking regions of the Republic of Cameroon have been embroiled in an armed conflict. The conflict is the culmination of 50+ years of institutional marginalization of the minority English-speaking population in the majority French-speaking Republic of Cameroon. 

The conflict has claimed probably over 5,000 lives in the last three years, displaced over half a million people into neighboring Nigeria, resulted in the burning of over 300 villages and ancestral homelands.


This documentary plots the origin of today's English-speaking regions, from its days as a UN Trust Territory, a region within the Federation of Nigeria, a quasi-independent Territory under the UK, and finally its journey as a part of present-day Cameroon.

It is released in seasons and episodes, a format that will allow more people (historians/journalists/students/enthusiasts) to continue the series by creating additional seasons that focus on particular topics, time windows, etc... To make this possible, this documentary is being released as a community project. Are you interested in developing a new series? Contact us - we will be happy to work with you! 

As a community project, all the material used to create the series is available online, to enable students and teachers to take conversations into the classroom and read the documents that support the film scripts.

Season 1 focuses on the history of the territory from the mid-19th century to 2016. It is presented in episodes as follows:

  • Episode 0 - Introduction

  • Episode 1 - Mid-19th Century to 1954

  • Episode 2 - Financial Analysis of the territory

  • Episode 3 - 1955 - 1958

  • Episode 4 - 1959

  • Episode 5 - 1960

  • Episode 6 - 1961

  • More...



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